China Bar Asian Buffet - Buffet pics

380 Burwood Highway, Burwood East 3151
Date visited: 3rd December 2012

I didn't get to put many pictures of the actual buffet the last time I visited as it was too packed.  We went again yesterday and didn't realise that in December, the entire buffet session was split into two 2 hour sessions one from 1100-1300hrs and the next from 1300-1500hrs.  We got there at 1245hrs but the friendly maître d' told us he would let us start early for the second session anyway.


Malaysian-ish food (curry, nasi lemak etc)
Cook to order

Hot food
Salad bar

Fried chicken
Chicken and PORK
You can make your own Hainanese chicken rice

Some of the stuff I had.  Mostly similar to my first visit so I didn't bother taking pics of them.

Taro & black sesame bun

Made to order
Char kueh tiaw
I wanted to kidnap the chef and make him cook kueh tiaw for me every day. 

This time I didn't bother with the other hot food, just loaded up on the duck, soy chicken and pork with crackling.
One of the helpings of meat that I had
Corn soup
 A bit too starchy and gelatinous.
Long melon soup
Much better.


Barley and sago soup
This was yum.

The desserts were pretty disappointing last time and at the CBD branch despite how amazing they looked so I didn't waste stomach space on them.
 We finished up with ice cream.  The red bean one was rather nice.
I came home and fell instantly into a food coma for the next three hours.  Couldn't even bear the thought of looking at these pictures.

Made a promise to myself after yesterday.  Do not eat so much at a buffet again.  EVER.


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