Cherrybomb Cherries

120 Wandin Creek Rd Wandin East 3139
Date visited: 8th December 2012

Cherry season is here and only lasts 6-8 weeks in the Yarra Valley.  We must have been out of our minds, for we chose a 38 degree day to go cherry picking at Cherrybomb Farm out in Wandin.

Entrance fee was $3 and it was 1kg for $10 (premium) or $7 (smaller).

Yes, the above cherries were not completely ripe - but they make so much nicer photos - the red just pops.
Ripe cherries

Enormous bunches hiding under leaves
MerlinFan and I picked 1kg each and AS the fruit lover got herself 2kg.  Would have stayed longer but it was scorching and we weren't in the mood for heatstroke.
My stash


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