Three Bags Full

60 Nicholson St, Abbotsford 3067
Date visited: 14th December 2012

MerlinFan and I decided on having brunch at Three Bags Full after her course enrolment this morning.  Sweet, I thought, it was drizzling, hopefully that meant less customers at this popular cafe.  

No such luck - the joint was already buzzing when we got there, however it wasn't a problem with three different sections and ample seating space.  I was hoping for an individual table preferably near the window where I could make use of the natural light but the only spots available were on the communal table.  And against the light. <sob>

The interior of Three Bags Full is warm, homey and quite delightful.  It still has that warehouse-ish feel with the exposed brick walls that are so popular with Melbourne cafes, but is dolled up with various artwork, plants and gorgeous light fixtures. 

Centrepiece of communal table.  Gorgeous overhead lamps.
We were given menus and had our coffee orders taken immediately upon sitting.  Points scored for that already.  They have their regular menu on their website and a small selection of daily specials.
MerlinFan had an Iced Coffee.  The coffee was creamy and silky - mixed with the ice cream, it had that sweet lingering scent of vanilla that reminded me of Baileys (without the alcohol).
Iced coffee $6
I had a Mocha.  There was a pretty brown leaf coffee art and I always love when a marshmallow accompanies my mocha.  It was more acidic at first, with warmer tones of chocolate coming through later.  Perfect for a rainy day.
Mocha $3.70
MerlinFan and I decided to employ our usual strategy of ordering one savoury and one sweet, then swapping halfway. 

We chose the Steak Sandwich with grilled porterhouse, bacon, beetroot relish, cheese, aioli, tomato, rocket.
Steak sandwich $18
The porterhouse was succulent and so tender I could cut it with a butter knife as I stole a couple of bites from MerlinFan's plate.  Topped off by a blanket of rocket, tasty bacon and cheese, it was like a burger in a sandwich.  In a good way.  The aioli and the beetroot just brought it to the next level.  For the price, it was rightfully substantial, so you won't go hungry after this one.

For the sweet, we had the Twice Baked French Toast with Creme Patissiere, Peaches & Almonds.
French Toast $16.50
I absolutely despise backlighting.  Totally annoying to have to twist around in your seat trying to take photos of your rapidly cooling food from different angles.  >:(
I believe this dish usually comes with rhubarb, but I guess peaches are the fruits of the season.  I was actually really glad it came with peaches instead, for I was never fond of rhubarb - my juvenile self would insist "it's not a fruit, it's a vege!"  The French Toast was quite lovely, with crispy edges and soft, moist insides.  The peaches were poached to the point of looking like shrivelled tomatoes but delicious, sweet peach halves they were!  The subtle creme patissiere and syrup were a nice accompaniment.  I'm not big on having nuts in my desserts so I didn't think much of the almonds.
To sum it all up - great coffee, delicious food at good portions, staff that were perky and attentive, full of smiles and genuinely appeared happy to be there.  With another great brunch place under our belts, we are convinced that Three Bags Full is utterly deserving of all the hype it has been getting.  

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