Touché Hombre

Cnr Tattersalls Lane & Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000
Date visited: 13th December 2012

Coming to Touché Hombre was a last minute, spur of the moment decision.  On a disgustingly muggy 33 degree day, snow cones and finger food sounded good to me!

It was pretty hectic when we arrived.  There was only a free table by the door and stools by the counter, so we opted for the former.  The waitress informed us that it was busy so food might take a while - that heads up was appreciated.

The interior was cool and dark, with open brick walls and fixtures.  Coupled with graffiti, weathered looking furniture and little skull knick knacks reminiscent of Black Magic, you have a very interesting hangout.

Bar counter
Our menus came in the form of paper stuck onto the back of cardboard.  They had a small lunch and supper menu - the Fatty Lamb Ribs and Tostaditos were not on offer :(
Hot sauces
MerlinFan and I both wanted the Shaved Ice Snow Cones & Syrup.  I had the Pomegranate Tahitian Lime and MerlinFan had the Tiki Coco Pina.

Pomegranate Tahitian Lime (red), Tiki Coco Pina(black) $6.50 each
These snow cones were light and refreshing, perfect on a hot day.  The shaved ice was ground to the perfect consistency, chunky and held its form even after we finished our meal.
Squeeze of lime
It was quite a while before our food arrived, but that was okay - we had been warned.  We ordered the Totopos, which was Tortilla chips, guacamole, Egmont cheese, sour cream and spicy salsa and added Beef Brisket.
Totopos $12, add Beef brisket $7
It was basically nachos, so I would have to say, this was extremely close to how my ideal nachos (or totopos) should be.  The tortilla chips were hot and crunchy, covered with gooey, stringy melted cheese, sour cream and guacamole punctuated by a touch of lime.  Although I question whether the salsa was spicy at all, it was incredibly delicious.  Adding the beef was a great idea - we loved the huge, meaty hunks of juicy, tender beef.  And look, there was even another layer of melted cheese and more beef underneath.  It was quite a large serving, a good size to be shared between two.

Now, we also ordered the TFC (Touché Hombre Fried Chicken) but it never arrived, which was a pity, because it smelt amazing going out to other tables.  We were pretty much 100% sure that they had forgotten (or never gotten) our order when one of the waitresses came asking if we wanted anything else.  I would have asked for it, except that MerlinFan and I had mumbled to ourselves just before that we would probably have died if they brought us the chicken - we were too full after the nachos and snow cones.

Anyways, when we went to pay our bill, we noticed the TFC was still on it.  I told them we never got it and the staff apologised and took it off our bill.

So, was Touché Hombre a Mexican, or a Mexican't?  

Overall, it was one of the best Totopos I've had and staff were friendly and polite, so our forgotten order was forgiven.  Oh well, another excuse for coming back, I suppose.  For dinner next time, perhaps, so we can try the infamous Lamb Ribs as well.  

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